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Jurnal Administrasi Pemerintahan Daerah Vol 2

Jurnal Aministrasi Pemerintah Daerah Volume 2


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Reformasi Birokrasi Pemerintahan Daerah oleh Tjahya Supriatna

Governance implementation at cetral and local government, role of bureaucracy determines much the success of various development activities and programs. In fact, governance bureaucracy hasn’t been effective yet to make governance figure that is able to progress and increase community’s standart of living. Furthermore, governance bureaucracy is concentratedto meaningfulness implementation on internal fole of governance. As s consequence, service role to community conducted by governanve bureaucracy isn’t effective yet. A fundamental issue of governance bureaucracy isn’t  effective yet in case of service to community is on bureaucracy system that has been developing more considered as the most important to spell out the petterns of hierarchical, procedural and centralized power. To realize local governance bureaucracy who serve community need reformation agenda on local governance to reform pattern of power that serves, reformation on bureaucracy sytem, hierarchical and procedural performance and governance bureaucracy performance.

Keyword: reformation, Bureaucracy, Local Governance

Kebijakan Public Dalam Konteks Otonomi Daerah (Strategi Implementasi Dalam Perspektif Provinsi Kepulauan) Oleh Muchlis Hamdi

Since Independence Day, our founding fathers had made aware to realize the purpose of NKRI estabhisment, Indonesia that has a wide territory needs to conduct through decentralization strategy. Decentralization policy has coused autonomous (province and district/city) that carry out local autonomy in border and principle of NKRI. To realize the purpose of local autonomy conducted by autonomous local government (province, district/city) that are conditionally in diversity involving autonomous regions that have lands and islands characteristic. In case of realizing special local autonomy in islands regions needs a precise public strategy policy and appropriate to the region itself as it is presented in this article.


Keyword: Public Policy, Local Autonomy, and Islands Province

Pembangunan Daerah, Penggunaan Tanah Dan Hak Atas Tanah Melalui Pendekatan Sosiologi oleh Ngadisah

One of the most important thing in human life is land. It is sociologically as a step of human life and death. Therefore it coused a number of problems deals with human interest. Concerning to development program especially in the space of local governance is always faced by land issues. One of the most current stuck out issue is land use for public interest. The land used for public interest through development program is always faced with land rights owned by public interest, government and local government need to carry out sociological approach as it is presented in this article.

Keyword: Local Development, Land Use and Land Rights

Reformasi Administrasi Sebagai Upaya Alternative Mewujudkan Good Governance di Indonesia oleh Udaya Madjid

Administration reformation is the main changes in a bureaucracy system to change old structure, behavior and existence or habitual. Therefore a better administration sytem in the space of governance and good cooperation between administrators amd private world in development implementation and public service, and professional public supervison, it can moticate the government to place it selft professionally to overcome serious thing deal with public service implementation and should be directed to giving the opportunity to community practicipation through to openness of governance mechanism, deregulation, decentralization and opportunity distribution and a fair competition as well together with protection to weak parties.


Keyword: Reformation, Administration and Good governance.


Rangkap Jabatan Dalam Pemerintahan : Makna dan Implikasinya oleh Siti Ismaryati

Being an incumbent in two or more jobs simultaneously in the public sector is the hot issue in term of both individual and organizational performance. It could result in inefficient job performance. Also, it could imply either conflict of interest or ethical dilemma this paper discusses the meaning of this phenomenon and its implication as well.


Keyword: Jobs, Performance and Public Sector.


Otonomi Daerah Di Indonesia, Dimensi Sejarah Dan Realitasnya oleh Baharunddin Tharir

local authonomy is able to be viewed as a bright policy, if we can appreciate the geographical and demographical stuation within indonesia. the regional aothonomy as a policy is made to be the media on minimizing conflict and tense between central government to loval government should not be seen in a win of lose therm, but implementation on democracy and welfare for nation. from those aspects people in regional area will be positioned as an active and paricipative part of the nation, which on the same taime the relation between cental – local government is more to partnership – interdependency. conflicts of power arises asn an excess of miscommunication, besides the differences on necessity between central an regional, although the sizes of the occurring conflicts are not similar from time to time. that situation can be happened due to decentralization implementation affected by situation, condition, paradigm, also the approach on the implementation system held by the local government.

keyword: Authority, Local Authonomy, Central-Local Government.

Budaya Pemerintahan Desa (Studi Desa Plered di Cirebon, Purwakarta dan Bantul) oleh Khasan Effendy


Empiris randirion manifest similar nomenclature of plered village at Cirebon, Plered Village at Purwakarta and Plered Village at Bantul Yogyakarta. Behind the similarity there are essentiality institusionalized to rural community at three Plered village such as have high entrepreneur value, similar language that is Java and Sunda Language, thrifh and dynamic, second the government of Plered some of then Villages have high capacity of faith, the priority of discussion and agreement aspects. And become asymmetry traditional reshuffle to financial reshuffle.

Keyword: Comparative Study, Government Culture, Village.

Analisis Keuangan Negara Dan Daerah oleh Edward M Hutagalung

aws s government souvrenisties of the people base to the law and handle the state government base on cionstitution, therefore the management of state finance system should be appropriate with main regulation which state in constitution 1945. the government budget and expenses (apbn), also the local government budged and expenses (apbd) to be fixed each year by the law including taxes and others charge with forced for the government needs also sort and price money are stated by the law. the president as an authority holder state management finance, delegates to the ministers/institution leaders, governors, regents or mayors and head of certain organization unit leader for arraingin and fixing also responsibility in management of apbm and apbd. in order to support good government fealization in management of government state finance it’s need to do profesionalsm, open up and responsibility due to constitution 1945 in general principle namely : accountability for the result oriented, profesionalsm, proporsinalsm, Open up and Controlling. Relationship between cetral government aldn Local government, that is central government to fell an obligation to local government for allocation funds sharing with proprosinality base on law and others regulation.

Keywords: Statefinance, Constitution, State law and Responsibility

Kajian Perubahan Nama Kotamadya Menjadi Kota Administrasi di Provinsi DKI Jakarta oleh Hyronimus Rowa

Governance implementation especially in province of DKI Jakarta as the capital city the Republic Indonesia as it is in Law Number 29//2007 on Provincial government of DKI Jakarta of the capital city of NKRI, adheres one level of local utonomy which is put on provincial level. Thus, municipality in Province of DKI Jakarta isn’t as an autonomous region as other provinces. It implicates that municipality is only as an administrative region that has no  authority to arrange and manage its internal affairs as other city and provinces. Fact shows that the force of Law Number 29/2007 had been implemented at least two and half years and no regulation on the spelling out of it to arrange the change of ‘Kotamadya’ (municipality) terminology into administration city. Therefore, this research found the hope of community and governance stakeholders who gave input that Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta together with Local House of representatives need to conduct formulation on operational policy as the spelling out of the chanfe of the terminology of ‘Kotamadya’ into administratice city as the spelling out of Law Number 29/2007. Only through that way the meaning of consistency and substance of governance affair conducted by administratice city can be more appropriate by the characterstic and the meaning of administratice city that don’t adhere as an autonomous region load.

Keyword: terminology Change, Kotamadya, Administrative City.




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