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Jurnal Administrasi Pemerintah Daerah

Jurnal Administrasi Pemerintahan Daerah Vol 1.


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Dinamika Pembinaan Dan Pengawasan Dalam Pelaksanaan Otonomi Daerah oleh Muchlis Hamdi

Effectiveness on local autonomy implementation by local government is not only measured by how far is local government has achieved optimum performance, but also by how far is its implementation carried out whether it is appropriate to the forcing norm standard an procedure. To know the performances of local autonomy carried out by local government, it needs guidance and monitoring conducted by central government. It is making efficient use much to increase community’s standard of living toward a better one. Therefore, this article present various issues concerning to the implementation of guidance and monitoring by central government in local autonomy implementation.

Keyword: guidance, monitoring and local autonomy.

Kode etika penyelenggara Negara dalam mewujudkan Good Government oleh Zudan Arif Fakrulloh

Implementing a modern governance requires application on the principles of good government in all aspects of state living. It involves transparencies, law enforcement and public accountability tgat gace beeb the spirit in governance implementation by involving all actors inside and outside of governance. The awareness to realize good governance is badly decided by state the implementers at central and local level. Therefore, they should have ethics code as the basis to word attempted to apply and realize good governance. In such a way, good governance is not only as a formal effort, but also to colorize each governance activity.

Keyword: Ethics Code, Good Governance, S

tat Implementer

Obligasi sebagai alternatif pembiayaan pembangunan infrasturktur pemerintahan kota dalam rangka kerangka penyelengaraan otonomi daerah oleh H.M. Aries Djaenuri

City governance is as a part of local governance system in Indonesia faces various issues in loyal autonomy nowadays. Among other are issues on population growth, lack of job,  authority distribution, development funding and lack of local revenue. In other side, city governance should give convenience and safety to its citizen to stay in town. Therefore, the efforts to increase the city’s fiscal capacity are badly needed. It had been much activities developed by city government to increase it fiscal capacity through extent, intensification and diversification local income resource, however, they were not maximum enough to support city development needs. Local bonds is as a funding alternative for local infrastructure development that can be developed by local government to overcome the issues on local development funding and fiscal capacity generally. Those local bonds are potential to develop by local government remind that central government succeeded to issue government’s bonds and attracted community.

Keyword: Bonds, Funding, Development and Local Autonomy.

pengaruh koordinasi penyusunan nilai jual obyek pajak terhadap efektifitas dan pelayanan kepada masyarakat di provinsi DKI Jakarta oleh Edward M. Hutagalung

This research aim to know and to analyses how much the influence of coordination in constructing Tax Object Sales Value forward effectiveness of services to tax Community. This pointed out that for increasing coordination with implementation in relationship with tax efficiently would be promote a services tax object sales value to the tax community. The research population were tax payers and other institutional relationship with tax object sales value at DKI Jakarta. Sampling technique was proportional stratified random sampling. This technique is used if in this research was observation, interview documentation and questioner. Questioner which constitute measure equipment in this research should be tested and reliable. The mainstay point out precision, stability of measure equipment which be used. Data collecting of the research result be analyzed with using quantitative method approach while linear regression analysis has been performed in the quantitative approach. The result of hypothesis test indicate that objective integration, activity integration and achieve a purpose efficiently influenced significantly a services tax object sales value to the tax community, and the achievement of this research also need to know and to analyses for increasing dimension of objective integration, activity integration and achievement purpose integrated in order to find out satisfaction to tax community services which to be expected. Based on this research The Head of Kanwil Pajak or The Head of KPP in carry out coordination must be acceptance input from others institutions interrelated for constructing Tax Object sales values at each their regions.

Keyword: Coordinating, Integrating, Goal Efficiently and Excellent Services.

Pengaruh Budaya Pemerintah Dan Organisasi Pemerintah Terhadap Kinerja Pemerintah Daerah Di Provinsi DKI Jakarta oleh Hyronimus Rowa

The particular goal of this research is know explicitly the empirical description on “The Influence of Government Culture and Government Organization to Performance of Local Government in service to society” location of this research was done in Province of DKI Jakarta, with basic consideration as a region which is full of problems especially on government issues to be researched. Main problem of the research was how is the influence of government culture and government organization of local government in service implementation to society do by the service sectors of DKI Jakarta province in giving service to community as a policy option of local government responsibility to overcome various social problems especially unemployment, poverty defile settlement, disorder, traffic jam, and population density which are raising more in province of DKI Jakarta. This research use theories of government culture, government organization, loyal government performance and community service. Based on those theories, it result of the research was tested by using Path Analysis Formula developed by Swall Wright with data analysis strategy using Linear Structure Relations (LISREL). The result showed that empirically, government culture and government organization were partially or collectivity in influenced the performance of local government, is the performance of Dinas in service implementation to society because government culture is still oriented to power culture, not service culture oriented. Moreover, it’s influenced by very hierarchal government organization design with procedural job pattern had caused slow responsive and responsibility of government in overcoming the problems appear in community. Slow responsibility of local government performance to various issues appears in society caused the degree of trust and participation of society are getting lower to local government.

Keyword: Government Culture, Government Organization, Local Government Performance and Public Services

Pengaruh Implementasi Kebijakan Tentang Cendana Terhadap Efektivitas Pelestarian Pohon Cendana  di Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) Provinsi Nusa Tengga Timur (NTT) oleh Nursalam


Santaluman album L is one type of specific plants growing in Timor Tengah Selatan district of Nusa Tenggara Timur province. This plant is also a highly valuable source asset and is one of the biggest contributors in decades before 1998 for original local income this becoming an icon in this area. Since 1960 until 1996 extreme exploitation had been resulting in deforestation of this plant. Many regulation have been made and implemented; including Regional Regulations of Timor Tengah Selatan district no. 25 in 2001 of Santalum album L purposefully for this plan to be conserved. The result of observation is estimated that implementation of the policy of Santalum album L has not been optimum so that effort to increase this plant population have not been meet expectations. The background of problems is then explored and analyzed how much the implementation of this policy has influences on the effectiveness of conserving Santalum album in this area. This research involves explanatory survey method in quantitative design, and uses path analysis. The result of investigation show that the implementation has significantly proven to have influences on the effectiveness of the conservation, and may scientifically be accepted. In the implementation; organization, interpretation, and application dimensions has significantly positive influence on this plant conservation, while the interpretation of the three has the highest influence on the effectiveness. It is stated that the application dimension shows one condition that has not been optimal in implementation; therefore, it is to be a challenge in findings contributing to policy implementation theory that is society participation and values both of apparatus and society as the key to successful conservation of Santalum album L in Timor Tengah Selatan district of Nusa Tenggara Timur province.

Keyword: Implementation, Policy, Effectiveness, Resources.

Perilaku Birokrasi : Dimensi Dan Refleksi oleh Siti Ismaryati

Human being is unique as both an individual and social creature. This uniqueness then encourages people to behave dynamically and multi-dimension as well. This paper discusses the meaning, dimension, and reflection of the people behavior in term of organizational life in the public sector, the phenomenon that later is so called bureaucracy behavior.

Keywords: Bureaucracy, Behavior, Organization.

Administrasi Public Masa Kini Dan Tantangan Abad 21 Oleh Udaya Madjid

Public administration is the key of success of a state ion handle public administration existing there, because the better is public administration, the better are state institutions work mechanism. However, if public administration can’t function well, it will cause on implementation of state institutional tasks and functions can’t achieve the desired goal. A good public administration implementation can raise public trust up and great their pride. Besides, it state own a strong “personality” to face other states’ pressure and threats.

Keywords: reformation, Public Administration, Efficiency.




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