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that once a word has passed into English it loses its squiggles, wherever they (or it) originated. And since resume seems to me a perfectly English word borrowed from French, sure, but what word in English isn’t borrowed from somewhere? I would leave its es naked. But what makes me so certain that resume is English, and Picky so certain that naivete is not? Anyone care to propose a distinction? First, I don’t see why there is or should be any firm rule: acceptance of a word into the language will take time, and it will be a matter of personal judgement when it has crossed the line. My view is that navet is still the other side of the line, and has probably been kept there by the invention of the fully englished form "naivety". (Of course I understand a style book will want to take a stand on the matter one way or the other.) In English Canada most anglicized words tend to have the accents dropped by now, but because there are so many national figures with French names, a certain

family, so word goes around fast," said Stephen Copeland, 28, a senior. "Everybody’s in shock."The victim, Agyei Kodie, had also attended Morgan State on a student visa. He was dismissed by the university after a 2008 conviction in Baltimore County for a fourth degree sex offense, harassment and stalking, resulting in an 18 month jail term. He also had attended Towson University for a time, a spokeswoman for that school confirmed.Agyei Kodie had lived with Kinyua’s family in the 500 block of Terrapin Terrace in Joppa for about six months and did not know anyone else in
Cheap jerseys from China the area, according to police reports. Kinyua’s father, Antony, told police that Agyei Kodie had recently been "depressed" after being apprehended on an immigration warrant and was facing likely deportation.Late Tuesday night, Antony Kinyua notified police that his son, Jarrod Kinyua, had found what they believed were human remains in the basement of the house, according to charging documents. Upon

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Articles Connexes:

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